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It's time to shift the paradigm on how we view and relate to the empaths in our life, including ourselves and our children who are sensitive. Learn strategies that will allow you to thrive as an empath and stop absorbing the stress and angst of the world around you.

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Meditation by the Sea

Empathic children need to have their sensitivities respected and encouraged by the school. If this can happen in a school environment it can be very helpful. Typically, society or schools don’t give our exceptional children much understanding. Conventional physicians and teachers often label them as “shy,” “antisocial” or “fussy,” or they’re diagnosed with social phobia, an anxiety disorder, or depression. In addition, they may be quieter, thoughtful, deep, and gentle rather then highly verbal or assertive–which others can perceive as withdrawn. Because of these misconceptions, your role is critical in supporting their sensitivities, intuition, creativity, wisdom, and in teaching them tools to cope with the world. It’s a wonderful thing to have empathy encouraged as part of the educational system. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Our sensitive children need a voice in school system that knows the language of the education system, possibly the special education system, and the language and experience of being and raising empathic children. I can help by utilizing my background as a Special Needs Teacher and an empath myself, as well as a parent to two empaths, to be an effective and thorough IEP Advocate for your family.

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